now here

Photo by Maurice Korbel

Photo by Maurice Korbel


now here (2007)

A single piece of red thread runs in a room, cutting angles, shapes, spaces devising an imaginary architecture. At each end of the thread, a motor turns, slowly pulling the string in an inevitable process of both reduction and revelation inspired in part by the works of artist Fred Sandback. A performer moves lightly about, facilitating a gradual process that contains as much tension, fragility and longing as a tragedy between two lovers.


Past Performances

Theater Freiburg (Freiburg, Germany): January 2007

Performing Arts Forum, (St. Erme, France): August 2007

Tanz im Auguste: (Berlin, Germany) (cancelled): August 2007

Festival Instances: (Chalons-sur-Salon, France): October, 2007

Theater Freiburg: (Freiburg, Germany) March, 2008

Theater Heidelberg: (Heidelberg, Germany) March, 2008

Kunsthaus Tacheles: (Berlin, Germany) June, 2009

Kunstverein Museum Freiburg: (Freiburg, Germany) November, 2009

Festival Il Faut Bruler Pour Brillet: (Paris, France): September, 2013