Press selections

"...[the works are] lightning fields for pure perception and emotional response. They are vivid, full of stuff, but endlessly open. They prove, time and again, that despite the allure of beautifully embroidered fantasies, the body itself is more than enough." - INDYWEEK


"...remarkable…the images and emotions evoked...will remain seared in my memory, and, no doubt, in the memories of others who saw it...masterful and effective...a tour de force…” - Susan Broli of THE DURHAM HERALD SUN on "John"


"Much could be said about the relationships of the male species. One creative venture into this complex territory is “Brother Brother,” a dance piece interweaving mime, dance, and brute physicality to create an intimate, violent, hilarious, sexually charged but at the same time platonic and, in any case, very humane and touching portrayal." - SUGARHIGH on "Brother Brother"


"Enchanting!" - BADISCHE ZEITUNG on "Labyrinth"


“...Lutes and Noonan created brilliant scenes and vivid sounds..." - TANZNETZ.DE on "Brother Brother" 


"...a very funny performance about the success within failure." - BADISCHE ZEITUNG on "Tout Court"


"This intense, dense and impressive experience of dance makes 'What doesn't work' a fascinating project.” - BADISCHE ZEITUNG on "What Doesn't Work"


"..a hilarious critique of the system of classes, the defeat of the collective efforts of the working class and the illusory heroic subaltern classes in their quest to climb the social ladder." - LA JOURNADA MICHOACÁN on "Tout Court"


"...Masterful..." - MIDI LIBRI on "Brother Brother"


 "...a unique, visceral dance that felt shorter than 50 minutes and resonated for much longer." - INDYWEEK on "Brother Brother"


"...most impressive..." - BERLINER ZEITUNG on "The Engagement"


"It is Excellent." - DANSE À MONTPELLIER on "Brother Brother"