Tout Court

Photo by Maurice Korbel

Photo by Maurice Korbel


Tout Court (2008)

Seven performers, dressed in identical jumpsuits with identical wigs, attempt to climb a room full of cardboard boxes. As they fall, hilarity ensues, and the boxes are slowly reduced to rubble. Eventually, the performers are forced to use one another's bodies to continue the ascent. But to where are they climbing? Why do they insist? As the falls continue, laughs give way to awkward silences, and a darker struggle emerges that places the audience in a tenuous balance between slapstick and pained empathy.

Concept and Direction Tommy Noonan (USA)

Creation and Performance António Pedro Lopes (Portugal), Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias (France), Mia Habib (Norway), Gui Garrido (Portugal), Begüm Erciyas (Turkey), Monica Gillette (USA), Murielle Elizéon (France)

Stage and Costume Franziska Jacobsen (Germany)

Production: pvc-Tanz Freiburg-Heidelberg (Germany)



Arcadi, Paris: - Feb, 2010

Festival Internacional de Danza, Morelia & Zamora, Mexico - July, 2009

Teátro de la Danza, Mexico City: July, 2009

Théàtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris: 2 performances - April, 2009

Zwinger Theater, Heidelberg, Germany: 2 performances - Dec., 2008

Theater Freiburg, Germany: - Nov. - Dec., 2008 (Premiere)