Photo by Eugenio Pedone

Photo by Eugenio Pedone


Wilderness (2012)

With one guitar and a microphone, two men suggest, inhabit and embody various fantasies of place, isolation and belonging in an imagined desolate dreamscape. Through fragments of possible narratives, they drift in a sometimes violent and sometimes tender relationship to each other and to the audience. "Wilderness" is part music concert, part radio-play, part dance performance and campfire story, wherein two people imagine a world that is both before and after our own. 


By and with: Tommy Noonan & Thomas Jeker

Light and Stage: Carl Faber

Costumes: Sarah Marguier

"Wilderness" is a co-production of Theater Freiburg (DE) and Kanton Solothurn (CH), with support from Tanzfabrik Berlin. 



8 March, 2013: Uferstudios, Berlin

13 April, 2013: Theater Freiburg (Premiere)

14 April, 2013: Theater Freiburg

7 May, 2013: Theater Freiburg

9 May, 2013: Theater Freiburg

14 June, 2013: Sophiensaele, Berlin

15 June, 2013: Sophiensaele, Berlin

21 June, 2013: Gutleutmatten, Freiburg

October 11, 2013: Dornach (CH) 

October 12, 2013: Ausland, Berlin